Monday, December 5, 2011

Making ugly door knobs beautimous

Anyone else dislike the gold bathroom/bedroom/closet knobs?

Raise your hand if it's a "yay" if it's "nay nay" go read a different blog post.

I have seen this idea on other websites and Pinterest of course.

Love it!! I think it really updates a dated look. One closet knob done... 1456 knobs to go... I kid I kid! Only 24 knobs to go!

I think I can, I think I can.

Go forth, and spray paint.

P.S rust-o-leom didn't give me spray paint just to blog about their paint. Just wanted to share a good product.

Upcycling. Lamp to vase refashion.

So I've had this elephant lamp for years. It's been thru two lamp shades, two states, three different homes.

Needless to say it was time for a change, facelift, new lease on life.

Time for a new use! My Man robbed the light bulb plugger inner guts to fix my lovely next to the piano lamp that had broken light bulb plugger inner guts.


So technical here, aren't we? dontcha know ...

So I say to My Man "ohh let's make this a vase!!" He says "sure I can do that" (such confidence).

Bring on the power tools! Some plaster dust, one broken piece later.

Waa Laa!

Vase is ready to be flowerized!

Basically he used I think a jig saw to saw off the top of the lamp. Then made the opening bigger and smooth. Then he hot glued on the piece that broke off. Then I proceeded to paint it my new fave color. Rustolem Hammered Bronze(I think) I know it was hammered. Which is a neat effect. I've also started spray painting all my hideous gold indoor door knobs. They are looking goooood! Well ahem, the one that I have done is looking goooooood!

Ah the power of spray paint.

Go forth, upcycle and spray paint!
It's fun.



Friday, December 2, 2011

Potty training? It is finished

Woo hoo. It's been almost two weeks since my baby boy has been diaper free!!

Go RC!!

He loves his "unawar". Thankfully. Only 3 accidents. Potty training you ain't got nothing on my boy. Needless to say him sitting on our lovely pews at Church still makes me noi-vus! Please Lord let the only puddles I see be because of the rain!

#proudmama :)

A Tale of 4 Thanksgiving Dinners Missouri Style

A little late eh? Happy Thanksgiving Bloggy Land!! :-)

We had a good trip to visit our Families. Lots of yummy food, hilarious laughs, some aggravation(won't go there*), and wonderful memories were made.

First stop was middle of the Boonies. Aka The In Laws.
Amish are neighbors.
Miles of dirt road.
Horse poop.
Did I mention middle of the boonies?
Yes? Ok then. Just wanted you to paint the mental picture :)
ah, smell the manure...

Onto good smelling things!
I made Dressing, Baked Mac n Cheese, Broccoli and Cheese Casserole, and had help thankfully making the Pumpkin, and Pecan pies. Thanks Sissy K! :)

The Highlight of Lou's trip to Boonies was Uncle D taking us on a Horse and Buggy ride. The in laws have horses and they wanted to go riding. I do not ride, neither do my babies. So thankfully we buggy-ied on down the road.

Get it boogied/buggy-ied?!

You can LOL if you want.

Ser-is-lee! Go head!

Triple dawg dare ya. It'll make you feel better.

Oh ya back to boonies and manure.

The in laws and My Man rode horses. Let's just say it was a very eventful ride. For them. The buggy boogied on by. An hour trip took about 3 :) The horse My Man rode was slower than slow, which is slow. Dontcha know.

Several Amish wanted to drag race but we declined.

Unfortunately our Buggy Horse Dolly was a wee bit gassy.
Sorry Dolly, don't mean to embarrass you. :) shewww wee.

Girl, you need some bean-o.

We stayed the night in the boonies and went to My Hometown the next day.

No place like Mommas <3. Momma made traditional turkey feast for lunch. I made dressing, pumpkin, and pecan pie.

And Oreo dirt balls.
So yummy you'll smack somebody!

Or however that redneck saying goes?
Insert LOL here. Blog rules! Kthnx

Then we played games and enjoyed 1456 kids running around like wild yayhoos. No not really. Just 5. Until dinner then the number almost doubled.

Let's see... 1456x2=someNumber

Oh sorry I meant the 5 almost doubled. 5+4=9 A++

Ser-is-lee I'm such a well rounded blogger, you'll gain brain cells while reading this!

No comments from any genius-essess who may read this post.
:) you know who you are!!

I'm a super proud Auntie. <3 I love Sal, Jo, P3, Bub & Wburp, Renee, Yman.

And yes we are a nicknaming family. Dontcha know. My Daddyo gave the best nicknames.... Sigh. MISS HIM.

Ah put on a happy face! :-)

Back to the tale of 4 dinners 3 pounds gained... Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

Scary huh?

My waistline is/was terrified.

My mouth on the other hand sampled every pie and dessert it saw.

No fear a'tall.

A pity really.
A yummy pity albeit.

Very yummy.

Mmm turkey and dressing. Gram's dessert, pumpkin roll, dirt ball, pumpkin pie, brisket... And the list goes on... Feed me!

For dinner at Mommas we had Brisket, Baked Taters, Baked Beans, rolls, and some more sides I forgot about..

Then we had a Chili Dinner at Uncle J's house for Mommas side of the family. Saw cousins I hadn't seen in years. Saw chocolate chip cookies I missed dearly also. Yum.

Ah highlight yumminess. Deer summer sausage from my eldest Bub.

Bacon wrapped fried deer tenderloin. Wow. Drool. From my second eldest Bub. Delish!!

Can't believe I forgot to take plate pics?!?!
What kind of blogger am I?! Well there's always next year....


Family, fun, friends, food, memories, love.... Just being together.


Ser-is-lee who needs a good belch after all that food talk?! :-)

insert LOL now.

Wow. Totally forgot about my madly awesome target practice hair spray can killin time!

Shot the can my first try. I won't tell you I missed every other shot.
Shh don't tell. My Man, Me, Sissy K, and D went target practicing a little. Fun fun!

Also if you have trained eye and saw the * by aggravation. Read here. If you didn't see it read anyways. Hilarious! Heard someone explain what it means to be aggravated and bite you tongue so you don't say anything. Which I did a little scratch that. Alot of. :) so anyways. You stick your tongue out and say "dee dy dongue ith deeding" translation- "see my tongue, its bleeding" hilarious! Maybe you hadta be there. How many of you readers just stuck your tongue out, bit it, then tried to say what I typed? Raise your hand! :)