Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello. Imma BzzAgent.

If you haven't done so yet, I advise you to register for Very nice testing, free samples, coupons and most importantly ME or YOU or WE get to share our opinion on new products. How cool is that?!

Bzz kit came in the mail today. Kroger's The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They are delish. Not soft like some over preservative filled cookies. Which I don't mind the crunchy. They really do taste homemade. I was impressed.
While I do wish they were more to a pack. They are the size of homemade cookies, so it would be hard to package so many. I can't wait to eat these with a glass of milk. And at 120 calories. Not bad, if you eat one as dessert. So bottom line. I would buy these, and would recommend them to friends. Which I will do when I Bzz and pass coupons out! Enjoy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Broccoli Cheese Soup Pioneer Woman style

I pretty much love any recipe Ms Ree posts.
I was also excited to try and Broccoli Cheese soup recipe that DOESN'T use velvetta.
Why yes, I love the processed cheese spread. But I would like to use more real foods when cooking.

A friend has posted Pollan's Food rules. Wow. They are a great read! I need to try and follow these more. For example. Eat/Cook only foods that your grandmother would recognize as real food. (not exact phrasing) Link to news

Here's the link to PW's soup.

Loved it!
Although I left out the nutmeg, didn't have any. And I used milk instead of 1/2 and 1/2. Didn't have that either. But I had onion! And broccoli! And cheese! And milk! :)

Butterfingers the homemade version

Homemade butterfingers ?! How?!

Easy peasy. No I didn't invent this. Got this recipe from bunsinmyoven blog. Thanks!

3 cups candy corn melted
1.5 cups smooth peanut butter
Chocolate for dipping them in when cooled, firm and sliced.

Go make them now. Especially after the October holiday clearance.
Candy-corn is cheap cheap.

Best cold from the fridge. They really do taste almost exactly like Butterfingers. I was suprised.

Again my bff Ms Diét Needaloseweight is mad about this recipe. Heehee. I haven't talked to Mr. Wií Fitscale in a week either. Need to see if he's better with numbers yet. Highly doubtful. There's always hope tho.

Birthday Cake Makin Days!

I decided to make my daughters 5th bday cake. We would be having a party with her bff R. So the race was on.... What to make, what color, what flavor, how much???!!

Make a cake..duh.

Pink double duh.

Chocolate/yellow combo triple duh.

Three layer baby!

Although some yellow cake dislikers said we needed white cake. Pshaw. :)

Ok so, three layer, pink buttercreme with yellow Fondant highlights. Sounds easy huh!

Not! Fondant failed big time. I wanted the top layer for Lou and R to share and I wanted it yellow Fondant with a "5". Well you can't have your Fondant cake and eat it too, dontcha know?

The Fondant highlights worked, but the layering Fondant. Not so much.

So all layers were buttercreme aka buttah-creme. My inspiration was IamBaker's rose cake tutorial. Let's just say her cakes look like beautiful embroidered roses and mine looks like playdoh roses. But I tried. And Lou said "mommy you are so awesome" "mommy this cake looks so awesome" that's all that matters :)
of course several fellow party goers bragged on my cake decorating attempt. Thank you friends, your too kind. :)

The cake was yummy. The bff's like the pink and posed prettily in front of their cake. They nibbled on their Fondant initials I "tried" to make :)
a good time was had by all.

Except for my diet, she hated every second of oooey gooey buttah-creme makin, and cake eatin', and second helpings.

Ser-is-lee. Hated it. I on the other hand loved it... Until I visit with my other friend Mr. Wii FitScale. He's French. Bad with numbers by the way. And I think he lies.

Well enough blogramble. Here's the cake pics.