Monday, December 5, 2011

Upcycling. Lamp to vase refashion.

So I've had this elephant lamp for years. It's been thru two lamp shades, two states, three different homes.

Needless to say it was time for a change, facelift, new lease on life.

Time for a new use! My Man robbed the light bulb plugger inner guts to fix my lovely next to the piano lamp that had broken light bulb plugger inner guts.


So technical here, aren't we? dontcha know ...

So I say to My Man "ohh let's make this a vase!!" He says "sure I can do that" (such confidence).

Bring on the power tools! Some plaster dust, one broken piece later.

Waa Laa!

Vase is ready to be flowerized!

Basically he used I think a jig saw to saw off the top of the lamp. Then made the opening bigger and smooth. Then he hot glued on the piece that broke off. Then I proceeded to paint it my new fave color. Rustolem Hammered Bronze(I think) I know it was hammered. Which is a neat effect. I've also started spray painting all my hideous gold indoor door knobs. They are looking goooood! Well ahem, the one that I have done is looking goooooood!

Ah the power of spray paint.

Go forth, upcycle and spray paint!
It's fun.



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