Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DIY Succulent Mini Garden

Succulents are supposed to be easy to take care of right?

We shall see........

I love the look of a mini succulent garden.




In English please...

A container with rocks and succulents.

Get it? Good.

So here is my oh so professional DIY POST!!!


go for and make succulent mini gardens!

Step one: find cute, CHEAP, pot/dish/bowl/etc. Whatever your heart desires to plant in. via- Goodwill, Salvation army, moms kitchen..
(within reason people)


Step dos: buy delicate, little, hopefully not so delicate succulents.
Via home depot, lowes... Etc.

Step |||. Buy or collect nice, unique rocks/pebbles/stones. Via hobby lobby or your local crik. (creek) or a neighbors driveway.


(kidding don't steal!!)

Step 4. Plant your pea picking heart out baby! Plant very very gently. These succulents are fragile. Smush, arrange, till it's art in succulent form.

Ta-Da! Now set somewhere sunny and enjoy.

From what I've read I think misting them once a week is good in the watering department. But don't trust me. Google it.

FYI finding a pot/bowl/thingToPlantIn that has a wide mouth opening would be GREAT! Especially if you plan on smushing 3! Three! Succulents in one! 1! Pot/bowl/thing.

P.S. It'd be great to have a blog post where the pics were actually in order!!!!!!!!! Sorry. Small mini rant to match the mini garden =•P

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello muscle pain, nice to feel ya

Pain is weakness leaving the body. Huh. Yea. Sure.

My arms hurt. My stomach, where ab muscles should be hurts. But I like it, I tell ya!

It means I've been actually following my newest workout thing. Thank you Pinterest! <3

June Mean Abs. Or Mean June Abs? What evah. It's work baby.
Day one may be like 7 sit-ups. But its still work!

I've been posting my progress updates on instagram. I loveeee IG ! I'm thankful for the "likes" I get when I post workout complete for the day. It gives me the extra boost I need.

Who knows if I'll make it to the end of the month..... Like 200 crunches, 100 sit ups. Some crazy crazy numbers! :-/.

I THINK I CAN, I think I Can!!!

On another painful note... We just finished listening to The Hunger Games series. Loved it! It's refreshing to read/listen to a book that can be very captivating and not by using steamy cheap love scenes or vulgar four letter words. Just by a good storyline. Let's say I could of cried at a few scenes. Ok. Maybe. I. Did.

So sue me. I'm emotional.

Back to my lack of ab definition. I took a cozy blanket outside. Laid down and did my meager exercises under the flicker of lightenin' bugs. My workout music was the giggles of my babies. Perfect night. All that was missing was my hard working hunny.

(and yes my children laugh at me when I exercise;)

Ohhh found some vintage goodness at The Salvation army thriftin'.

And of course my love and infatuation of sky, clouds, sunsets, moon pics still lives on.

Now I do believe it's time for ZzzZz's.

Goodnight blog world.

Oh and saw some funnies on Pinterest.

P.S. Really goodnight. Ser-is-lee.