Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A few of my favo-rite things. Product review.


(in my humble opinion) learn something new everyday dontcha?!

I'm signed up for Vocalpoint. Love that site! It's a sample/coupon site that send out samples of new products.

My latest VP was Downy Unstopables.

LOVE THEM!!! They smell awesome. If I could blog a smell I would but the trusty ole iPhone doesn't do that YET;)

Just a little add in to your laundry. Before adding clothes it says. Which I added it under the clothes since I have a front load stackable washer/dryer. I put it directly in the washing drum.

My towels have never smelled so good! I was randomly smelling my kitchen towels throughout the day.

My Man didn't care for it because it's deer season.

Remember {scent free man} post?

Oops. Deer gonna smell him coming from the next state :-)

Back to VP and good smelling laundry!

Bottom line- easy to use, smells great. I'm not sure about the price though that could be a big factor if I buy it or not. At least I have coupons. :)

{{product review número dos}}

Suprised you with that choppy spanish didn't I, eh? :-)

Found this game at Big Lots. $5.00. Trivial Pursuit Steal. Card game version of Trivial Pursuit. Me and My Mans new favo-rite game. :) so far it's neck in neck for the championship. I'm pretty fond of the quicker card versions of some old time board games!

{{product review número tres}}

Again gasp at the bilingual blogger!! Yay go me, go me... And etc.

LOVE Finish Quantumatic automatic dishwasher dispenser!! $3.00 at Yup you guessed it, Big Lots again:) 12 washes in the package. Pretty nifty design also. My dishwashers new bff4eva!

{{product review número furr}}

Furr=four/4 not sure what language that is. Could be gangsta speak?

Went to our neighborhood Aldi's for some groceries. Fell in love with this picture of lovely delish cream puffs. {swoon} for $4.99 pretty nice dish! Plus if you wanted you could pass them off as you own :)

Well enough unpaid advertising !

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