Monday, September 26, 2011

Stuffy Nose = so-so al-fray-doh

Sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes!


Just popped two allergy pills.


So I'm whipping up some tasty Alfredo today. Make some last week that was "to die for"

Ser-is-lee. It was THA best.

Creamy sauce, bow tie pasta, and lovely steamed broccoli.
Ahh scrum-diddly-umpticous!

Wish I could remember what seasonings I put in it.

I can't be the only one who "smells" food while cooking to know if it's right or not? Meatloaf, chili, Alfredo, spaghetti sauce, banana bread, etc etc. On big whiff of it and you know if it needs more pepper, ketchup, pumpkin spice or parmesan cheese.

When your smeller is out of commission. It puts a damper on the whole smell and season way I cook.

Thus the so-so al-fray-doh. Haven't tasted it yet. But my hopes are already dashed that it's THA best. Although that may have something to do with accidentally adding sugar/cinnamon mix :-/. Oops.

I have a lovely magnetic spice rack and I marked on the lisa what the contents are.... Sometimes when I'm so caught up being cooktastic I don't read names. Just grab and add! BAM!

Oops. And I think I burnt my buttah. BAM!

How much pepper do you think it will take to drown out the cinnamony sugarness!? :) Bon appetite... That's wrong right? Apetit? Eh whatev....

Sorry this post is almost pictureless. I deleted them before I remembered to add them to the post that I also forgot to post :-/. Oh the joys of benadryl fog.

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