Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bow Hunting stole My Man

It's 7:00 AM, yes AM. As in EARLY!

Well for me, after a late Friday friends night, and since Saturday is official " sleep-in day" dontcha know...

Anyways back to early, earliness...

My Mans phone-"Ding ding".

Me-Ugh who is texting you this early, put your phone on silent please so I can get more zzzzZzzZz...please.

My Man-Oh, it's so-and-so. He got a deer!

Me-Wow, yay...hippy! Not. Need zzzzZzzZz ...

My Man-Oh so I gotta do laundry, so I will smell like nothing.

Me-Mmmmkay? Why does it matter if you smell like something? Your not actually hunting today, just scouting the hunting area.

My Man-I just can't smell like anything, even though I'm only looking around the hunting area.


My Man-You just don't get it.


My Man-Where's my scent free deodorant.


Time for more zzzzZzzZz now that My-Mighty-Scent-Free-Bow-hunting-bringin-home-the-venison-Man is gone scouting.

Thought this blog post might appeal to a broader crowd. Example. Wives of hunters or scent free men :-)


----no actual deer were hurt in the taking of these horrifically grainy pictures. We were only watching these particular deer, not hunting.

----if hunting offends you? DONT READ MY BLOG. k th-anks :)

----sad to report---- both of my little people are awake. ZzzzZzzZz may be postponed to a later date... Sniff sniff.

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