Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remembering Summer time...

We got to go to Bull Creek once this summer on one of our MO visits. LOVE the Creek/Crik. How you say it depends on where your from and how many teeth you have or don't have ;-)

Our family, Meme and my Brother and his family went. We had a B-L-A-S-T.

Swam in the cool refreshing water, got dunked by my nice brother ;) RC and Lou loved it, their first Crik/creek trip.

Lou found a neat walnut hull. Looks like a grumpy man to me. What do you think? We also came home with some "special" rocks. She's like her mother, very sentimental.

Grilled hot dogs & marshmallows. Delish.

My Man brought a minnow/mi-ner trap (again location and teeth count determine pronunciation). We caught loads of minnows/ers. The kids all loved this. I have to admit, it was neat.
The kids caught a tadpole too.

There is really nothing like enjoying Gods wonderful creation. Enjoying family time and making wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

I can remember back to my childhood memories of the creek/Crik... The only time my Daddy ever wore shorts. Talk about skinny, white legs :) we always had so much fun. Simple fun. Memorable fun.

That being said. Fall is right around the corner. Along with it comes, hot chocolate, bon fires, snuggling, scarves and super cute boots!

*no minnows were hurt in the taking of these picture(s).

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