Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sewing time. Blunder of the day...

So, a friend of mine on fb posted a pic of an adorable vest made from a rectangle of knit. With two arm holes, of course. That's my goal today! To make the hemmed, knit vest. Wish me luck. I'll be posting step by step pics of the good, bad and ugly process that I'm sure will happen. Who knows, maybe I'll luck out and get it perfect the first time ! Thanks to M.D. for the inspiration!

First I had to make the kiddos breakfast of mini champs. Eggs and ketchup. Ew. They get it from their Dad. I'm more of a salsa scramble girl myself... Although today as you see, in a whole grain pop tart and meal shake kinda girl.

Like to spice things up, dontcha know.

Then I couldn't resist getting a pic of R.C. In his adorable Cars slippers. Meme got those for him for his bday.

Then I had to take an faux artsy pic of the fabric I intend to "create"/"destroy".
Your pick. :) haha

Next step, pretending to know what I'm doing. Aka measuring and cutting enough fabric to make a darling vest.

Fingers and toes crossed.

Cutting. Disaster. Measuring. What measuring?!?! Stinkin.... Disaster.

Arm holes too big. Vest too short in back too long in front. Should of thought this out a wee bit more. Maybe should of actually measured. And practiced on some cheap fabric. Oh well.
You learn to live or live to learn.
Or never learn. Not quite sure yet which learn/live combo I am.

So I also tried a mini version for Lou on cheap fabric (see I'm learning).
Nay nay...
No go for the mini vest either. She looks at it and says " you made he arms too far apart Chuckie!" then she burst out giggling "hehehehheeheh" that girl is so sweet to her momma :).

Martha Homemaker day is kaput. Next up pre-school!!

While my sewing blunder has nothing to do with the tutorial I was inspired by. Just lack of preparedness.

And skill. It's ok.
The first step is admitting, I stink, at sewing knit or everything... . :) better luck next time.

Apparently next time I sew I need to have the kids cross their fingers and toes too....

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