Thursday, September 15, 2011

A whole lotta cleaning going on..

Can you nest and not be expecting?!?!

YESSS! I do believe you CAN.

That's what I feel like.

First cleaned the kitchen counters, kitchen table, put a fresh table cloth on, then I thought oh, I'll sweep too. Why not?


Wash the possibly unwashable foam mat/rugs in the washer. SUREEEE, why not!!?

Washing mat/rugs-check

Then I thought, Hey, bleach these kitchen and bathroom floors?!

Dontcha know they need it?!

Bleach floors-check

Outta bleach now, and carpet machine cleaner?
My Man goes to Dollar Gen, he's a handy fella like that. And yes, my heart goes pitter patter when he gets home :)
(side note rant-thank you iPhone spell/auto correct! Pitter changed to sitter, then putter before the stinkin too smart for it's own good phone would let me say "pitter" end of rant-:)

Ok back cleaning, cleaning and yes more cleaning!

So I borrowed a friends carpet cleaner machine. Thought hey, no time like the present to clean some car-peet. (I like to randomly throw out differently spelled pronunciations, it's the spice of this blog, I tell ya) so I fired up the Wonderful Hooo-vah and cleaned away. Got the hall way done. Wondered, hmmm this car-peet is a still (trampoline) yes, trampoline! Not really, trampoline was supposed to been "realllllly" but the lovely smart phone auto corrected. And I let it for once.... It will not happen again. I took a screen shot of the auto correct. Will be posting at the end of this cleaningpolooza.

The part of the machine that catches the dirty, sucked up already been used to clean your dirty but now clean car-peet water WAS NOT attached right. So I cleaned my heart out. And it didn't suck up any of the above explained water. My Man checked it out, of course I hadn't snapped the lid shut tight. Then My Wonderful Man proceeded to run the car-peet cleaner so it would dry up the above explained water mess.

Carpet cleaned-check

Now it's bath time for RC and Lou.

Calgon, take me away!

Plan on doing the rest of the living room after Prayer meeting at Church and after the little people are asleep.

Oh, the rug washed up lovely!! The washing machine didn't rip it to shreds as I feared. And it's clean, so that's a plus :-) two more to wash. They do seem to retain water like a 9 month pregnant woman in July though. I suggest letting them dry out of doors.

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