Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sticky situation. A day in the life of Mr Dragon Fly

We came home from Church the other night, saw a big pretty dragon fly on out porch light.

And yes, aren't they pretty porch lights? (if I may say so myself:)
yup, you guessed it CLEARANCE! Regular $79.99 each. Found them at Home De-pot, for $14.00 each! What a bargain! Love a good sale.

Oh yea, back to Mr Dragon Fly!!

Sorry, clearance is the shiny object that distracts moi ;-)

Anyways, he was perched on the light. I took some pictures of him. He didn't move, we thought he was a goner. So My Man grabbed him, he was alive!! But several of his feet/arms/whatev had sticky spider web on them. So My Man to the rescue!

He brought him to the bathroom, grabbed some tweezers and began to operate. It was a successful web removal, no bleeding, no staples. Just a clean removal. Thankfully he has good insurance.
The anesthesia is what's gonna be the big cost...(lame attempt at humor, it's ok go ahead and laugh anyways) (I.insist.)

So after he got the web off, Mr D.F came to life! Started sticking his tail/whatev out like he was going to sting. (do they sting? #mustgoogle) it was pretty freaky, never seen a D.F up close like that.

We had a semi small science class for Lou.
"Look Lou a big bug"
Class dismissed. Recess!!!!!

After surgery, we freed the big bug outside. Where he undoubtedly got entangled again.
Men, they never learn...

Course he coulda been a Mrs Dragon Fly? Hmmm

If that's the case, she flew to Dragon Fly Target for clearance sales!!! My kinda lady...

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