Monday, September 12, 2011

Yup, its official. I am a bloggity blogger!

So, I dove of the blogger board and started a wee little blog. Which should keep my fb less hectic ;-) I'm sure most of my 120ish something or other friends with appreciate it.

This is my maiden blog so to speak. I know I won't become Pioneer Woman overnight... Sigh.. That's the stuff dreams are made of. I will relish in the day I can blog away cameras for give-a-ways!

Speaking of relish, that's one thing I can do without in my pantry and/or fridge. The Man of the home(gonna have to thinking of a quirky, catchy, cute blog nickname for him), however loves a good sweet relish. Me, myself prefers a nice kosher spicy dill pickle... Mmm mmm good. Ok so back to the important stuff...

So, ya it's my first blog post and I'm already distracted by food! Stinkin condiments....

My hopes for this blog, is mostly to share and inspire. To chronicle, and vent. To gain knowledge and offer encouragement.

From wife woes, to potty training, to homeschooling Pre-k, to yummy marshmallow Fondant cake making messes, to sewing machine disasters and rolled fabric flower lovelies. This blogs gonna have it all dah-ling! :)

And might I add there will be a hearty dose of Godliness and God in this blog. Give honor where it's due. And to God I give honor. Amen.

A little snippet of our day was back porch fun. Bubble blowing and mommy pretending to be a great photog and trying to get pretty sun glare shots! Yay for iPhone camera apps :)

12:35 AM. First blog post done. Eh, I give it a 2.7 out of 10 for reader readability :) time for sleep. Day 3 of homeschooling starts tomorrow.. Err I mean today! Night all.

Sorry I searched the fridge for dill pickles or relish. Would of made a great blog post pic... Came up empty handed... Decided to post lovely sky shots and shots of my babies.


  1. I know! Easier than I thought :) thanks for the hooray!